Core Values

Arnold Powerwash LLC core values are about the way we think, behave, and will measure success. Our core values chart the course for us together as a team to provide a quality service experience for our customers and employees. Our values are the foundation for all we do and how we will do it.

We agree together to subscribe to the 100/0 Principle. Each and every team member agrees to take 100% responsibility / 0 excuses. We never say its not my job, we never say I would have been on time if it wasn't for traffic, we never say this would be a great company if a certain person would just do their job, 100% of the time each team member takes 100% responsibility for their success and the success of this company. Its up to each one of us to make this company great. The 0 stands for zero excuses for not giving great service or quality in every single interaction, with every single person. There is never an excuse not to be your absolute best all the time.

We believe Others come first.

We believe in a Team Effort, what is best . . . is best for the Team, and Our Customers are part of Our Team.

We believe our behavior must always be professional, courteous, respectful, ethically motivated, fair and expressed in a gracious manner.

We measure success by how successfully we have treated others. We believe we should treat others even better than the way we would like to be treated.

We will practice empathy for our Customers. We will listen to the concerns of all our team members. We will offer superior products and services that fill real needs and provide a longer lasting clean, an accountable clean and a realized value.

We will measure success by how our team members/customers enjoy our experience together, it was stress free, it was uncomplicated, it was pleasing, it was appropriate and it provided value to them and created a desire to repeat the experience.

We will provide dependable quality work using the correct temperature, pressure, and chemicals while cleaning any scope of work.

We see great value in a company structure placing importance on leadership, team efforts, delegation into divisions of work, where everyone has a part and a place in the growth of the company.

We will build Arnold Powerwash LLC on team work, innovation, unique and green technologies, and attention to details.

We expect team cooperation with individual commitment and performance above the standards and certifications for our industry. Each team member can and must make a difference.

We expect every team member to know they are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve our combined experience.

We must walk our talk and care about what we do. At every experience we will provide a level of quality, performance and value that will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. We must properly manage the quality of our services and products to insure our team’s successful experience.

We recognize each person’s contribution to Arnold Powerwash LLC’s success and we will share the financial rewards that flow from exceptional performance and successful experiences. We recognize also, that rewards must be psychological as well as financial, so we strive for an atmosphere where each individual and each team can share in the value, adventure and excitement of the experience at Arnold Powerwash LLC.

We desire that each team member experiences a since of belonging, that what they do matters, that they are important, and that their life at work and at home is cared about. Every team member’s well being contributes to the success or failure of the experience provided by Arnold Powerwash LLC.

We recognize the attitudes and behaviors of managers toward the people they supervise are extremely important. Employees should be able to trust the motives and integrity of their supervisors. It is the responsibility of every team member to create a productive environment where our values can grow and be successfully experienced.

We will strive to be the premier Powerwash company, with a reputation of providing the most professional appearance, high quality attention to detail, while providing the longest lasting and accountable clean possible given all possible factors.

We will establish and grow educational partners to provide training in any area that an employee has a passion for doing. We will commit to providing the very best training possible for business management, management skills, specific trade skills, and becoming an overall entrepreneur.

Arnold Powerwash LLC, employee handbook, 2014