Wood Restoration

Exterior Wood Restoration.
Yes, anyone can restore wood however; only a true professional can restore exterior wood correctly. To restore wood correctly is not a easy as it seems. Thus to restore exterior wood "correctly" it takes much more than a pressure washer and a water supply. A profession knows it takes more than a pressure washer, a little detergent, a water supply, and a Sealer to properly restore exterior wood products. The professional needs to be trained in to understand the differences in the types of wood; coatings; chemicals; procedures and methods; cleaners, strippers/neutralizers; pressure washing; rollers vs. brushes vs. sprayers; and maintenance coats. And, this is just the start. It takes experience and education to do the job properly. Know your contractor and his qualifications and characteristics. A reputable professional is able to prove they have knowledge of the trade by certifications affiliations to manufacturers, distributors, franchises, business or trade organizations. As a consumer, feel free to ask for a contractor’s background.