Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting:
provides a unique solution for equipment without the use of water or chemicals. It can reduce shut down times by cleaning more efficiently than traditional methods, and may clean areas intact that normally have to be disassembled for cleaning. It may provide cleaning needed during normal operations without interruptions. It provides cleaning for a multitude of sensitive surfaces without damage or leaving behind any residue. There is no secondary waste to deal with after cleaning with this method.

Production Equipment Cleaning: provides for more efficient production through a cleaner and safer work area, reducing shut downs needed. Every mechanic knows the better equipment is maintained the better it performs. Increase your ROI by keeping our production area at its best.
Industrial Equipment Cleaning: provides for the ability to quickly and effectively address production issues. Every mechanic knows one must maintain your tools needed repair and maintain your production line.
Building Structures below 5 Stories Cleaning: through the use of extension wands, tips, scaffolding, lifts and the appropriate combination of water, chemicals, or dry ice to provide an increased in pubic trust through a greater professional curb appeal.
Future Expansions: Water Tower & Bridge Cleaning