Commercial Cleaning Issues we can solve:
Commercial properties have multiple cleaning problems that range from  production equipment, industrial equipment, maintaining appearance of areas seen by the public, and overall work environment.

A shut-down process especially if extended beyond scheduled time frame can cost exponentially greater losses to a company.

Production equipment must be free of excess dirt and production debris to maintain its highest production quotas.
Industrial Equipment must be free of excess dirt, grime, grease, & debris to maintain readiness to support production needs at all times.
Appearance of all property, both in the Public View and Work Environment must provide the greatest professional, organized, and appealing appearance at all times.

Work Place Injuries: many work place injuries can be attributed to how well the work place and equipment is maintained. It is believed if  these problems are addressed properly, then a business operating within these contexts will see an increase in work place pride, producing a higher return in actual production, while promoting less work place injuries.

Fleet Washing:
provides for the cleaning of any size fleet of vehicles owned by a company. Professionally cleaning the fleet can decrease break downs by keeping certain areas clean, increase work place pride; increase the professional appearance value held by the public and possibly reduce work place injuries.

While normally one thinks of a fleet referring to Tractor/Trailer rigs, any multiple series of vehicles can make up a fleet and has the need to have its appearance maintained.