Schedule Maintenance
Annual Roof Protection Plan
We offer an Annual Roof Protection Plan which includes a thorough inspection and written report for the roof's major aspects and the assurance of a stain free roof for the remainder of its useful life.
Annual Visual Roof Inspection
And a written 14 point report.
Annual Application
Of the stain block to prevent Fungus & Algae stains from returning. We utilize proprietary products to safely remove fungus, algae, and rust stains; all of which are approved and tested by shingle manufacturers.
Fleet Companies
We work with Fleet companies to keep their down time for cleaning to a minimum, inspecting for damages, and providing the company with accountability sheets of work completed. The accountability sheet tracks tractors and trailers cleaned as well as which was connected to which one when cleaned. This provides a way to make sure that both tractors and trailers are getting cleaned even if they are mixed and matched during runs.
Restaurants or Other Commercial Facilities
We work with Restaurants or other commercial facilities to clean certain areas on a bi-weekly or monthly basis determined by their needs.